Videography is of course a huge part of the wedding imaging package. We offer a dedicated team of videographers and u nmatched post productions specialists. You can expect a video crew no less qualified to shoot a feature film at your wedding. Cinema standard cameras, rigs and other gear ensure that we capture the best of the day. The video footage on the pre wedding day is directed by a professional ad film maker, while the camera is operated by an industry professional cinematographer under the supervision of Karthik Srinivasan.

After we capture the hours and hours of footage, we painstakingly put together the best in a chronological order to portray your wedding story. The full length video would feature all the happenings of the day, as well as clips from the pre wedding shoot. Added to this we provide a highly concentrated, short video clip of 5-10 minutes that quickly allows a sneak peak at your wedding. This would probably be your way of sharing the joy with friends and family who couldn't be physically present, and we do hope it goes viral on social networking!