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What happens when a celebrity and fashion photographer sets his eyes on the wedding photography business? The brides and grooms take center stage where celebrity models belong, and why not? After all there is no one more important on the wedding day than the couple tying the knot! Leading celebrity photographer Karthik Srinivasan has set his sights on providing quality wedding imaging services through his latest venture. The name Karthik Srinivasan has become synonymous with high end celebrity shoots over the last decade. Having started out his career as a model himself, Karthik can now be seen behind the camera shooting the whose who of the city. Having reached a peak in this genre of photography, he has recently been instrumental in launching a school of photography (K's Academy of Photography), and there after has set his sights on creative wedding imaging services.

Today he is numbered among the top fashion photographers of the country, and also poses as a brand ambassador for SONY's Alpha range of professional cameras. The wedding photography market in India has changed drastically over the last decade. Today the consumer is very much aware of quality imagery, and will simply not accept sub standard images of their special wedding day! Gone are the days when you had a few hundred posed shots of people standing in uncomfortable poses, gaping at the camera. Today's young generation of brides and grooms are well aware of what a creatively designed wedding album can look like.

Today, 'wedding photojournalism' is the talk of the town, where candid photographers provide coverage of the special moments during the events – the father giving away the bride, the couple exchanging rings, the tear that escapes a bride's eye as she leaves her parents and starts a new journey – these are the special moments that simply cannot be missed out in a modern wedding album, and this is what we promise to provide. Another critical aspect of the modern day wedding album is the inclusion of a pre-wedding shoot, a post wedding shoot or both. These shoots comprise of high quality posed portraiture of the bride and groom, sometimes families and friends included. Some even choose to shoot sequential images in the couples' favorite locations.

And then there is the video aspect. As similar to still imagery in the wedding photo market, video is also a much coveted requirement in the wedding business, and maybe even more of a challenge. The talk of the town today is not about a whole lot of video hours to be covered, but a well-edited collection of a few minutes that bring out the best of the moments of the wedding in an expertly edited short video clip. In other words, a short but expressive video clip of the entire wedding that portrays all the most important aspects of the proceedings.

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Bringing his expertise of photographing advertising and celebrity shoots has put Karthik in a comfortable position to being the same to his wedding clients. After all, the grooming, styling and makeup that goes into an ad shoot is the best that money can buy, and this is exactly what he promises to bring to the table shooting wedding couples. This is what the 'pre wedding' shoot promises to deliver - all the glitz and glamour of the world of advertising photography brought literally to your doorstep!

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